PTCL is one of the leading homegrown third-party logistics providers in Singapore, providing a comprehensive range of third-party logistics services to customers from a broad spectrum of industries including the chemical, food, retail, infrastructure and shipping sectors.


With more than 70 years of experience, the Company has a strong track record in transporting high value, sensitive and chemical cargo in various forms, including conventional, general containers, bulk and bulk liquid containers.

Today, PTCL owns over a thousand units of cargo vehicles comprising prime movers, trailers and other vehicles such as refrigerated trucks, tipper trucks and general usage
lorries. With customers ranging from multinationals in the petrochemical industries to individual customers, PTCL offers cost-effective solutions that help customers increase efficiency and profitability.


PTCL owns and operates two warehousing facilities in Singapore, one on Jurong Island and the other at Pandan Road. The facilities provide integrated logistics services including drum filling of chemical products, open and covered warehouse storage, inventory management, local and international freight management, as well as storage and distribution of loaded containers.

In January 2015, PTCL embarked on the redevelopment of its premises at Pandan Road. Apart from an office block, the redevelopment project also features a ramp-up multi-storey warehouse complex comprising 6 floors. The top floor is constructed with a headroom of 13 metres to cater for full Very Narrow Aisle (“VNA”) rack storage operation, while the flat roof of the complex served by the ramp is designed to provide approximately 500 parking spaces for trailers, prime movers and laden containers.

The warehouse is designed for storing general cargo and will complement our PTC Chemical Logistics Complex in Jurong Island, where mainly dangerous goods are stored. Upon completion in the first quarter of 2018, our warehousing capacity will be increased to more than one million square feet.


As one of Singapore’s major bulk cargo handlers, the Group loads and discharges from vessels cargo that include aggregates, bulk cement, sand, salt, and other chemical raw materials. The Group also owns and operates a wide range of heavy haulage equipment including some newly acquired floating barges and grabs. This enables the Group to strengthen its capacity to better service a vast and diversified clientele


The Group’s sole trading activity is in the sale of diesel fuel to industries.


The Group sub-leases three of its properties. A portion of the PTC Chemical Logistics Complex at Jurong Island is sub-leased to Stolt Container Terminal Pte Ltd (“Stolt”) which operates an ISO tank cleaning and repair facility. With Stolt’s operations complementing PTCL’s services, the combined facilities provide customers with comprehensive, integrated and cost effective solutions to their logistics requirements such as tank heating, cleaning and repair, drum filling, warehousing and open storage, and other ancillary services.

The factory building with office space located at the industrial land at Tuas Bay Drive is sub-leased to a multinational company servicing the Oil and Gas industry. The Group also sub-leases a unit of office space at Realty Centre.

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