PTC is one of the largest transport provider in asian logistics industry. In total, the company owns more than 1,300 vehicles, ranging from prime movers, tankers, and trailers.

Bulk Handling + Stevedoring

As a major bulk cargo handler in Singapore, the Company each year handles about two million tons of bulk cargo, ranging from raw sugar to cement clinkers to scrap metal. The Company also provides stevedoring support for loading and unloading of other cargoes.


PTC owns and operates two warehousing facilities in Singapore, providing comprehensive logistics services.


PTC is able to fulfill 3,200 drumming orders per day. with the huge capacity, PTC has been able to satisfy requirements of her mnc customers while maintaining high level of service quality.


The combined facilities provide customers with comprehensive, integrated and cost effective solution to their logistics requirements.

Terminals Management

PTC and a few other depot operators formed a joint venture with PSA corporation to establish PSA container depot Pte Ltd. Strategically situated adjacent to the PSA terminals.

Freight Management

PTC air freight and shipping activities have by now carved for themselves a significant niche in their respective areas of industry.